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Make Category 2 dollars go farther. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise technology helps you bridge the digital divide for 21st century teaching and learning.

We were facing real challenges with an outdated network and an antiquated phone system. We were therefore extremely fortunate to partner with ALE to develop both short and long-term goals which addressed all of our challenges.
Mike Anderson, Director of Technology, Rockville Centre School District

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Education today: Why modernising campus networks is a must

Educational institutions worldwide must modernise their networks to meet today’s new requirements.


Revitalise education with a modern campus network

A modern, campus-wide network upgrade aligns capabilities with academic, research and business priorities today and tomorrow. 


Solve education challenges with a modern campus network

A modern campus network helps streamline operations, reduce costs, and offers a safe and caring place to work and study.

a group of people working on a project

Cybersecurity: From A to Z on campus

Institutions need to adopt a ‘trust no one’ cybersecurity strategy that addresses all users, devices and applications.

Laying the groundwork for tomorrow's digital schools

This guide provides information on key network attributes required for Primary and Secondary Schools.

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